Our process is focused not only on meeting customer needs but also on exceeding expectations wherever possible . Customer feedback is ensured in order to establish trends and make competitive comparisons  . We have developed fast , flexible processes that gives customers what they want , when they want , at the highest quality and affordable cost .

Quality  Control  Techniques


Failure Mode and Effect Analysis(FMEA) is done at regular intervals which makes our processes customer centric. We use this technique to define , identify & eliminate  potential problems or errors which  may  arise in the the process before they reach to the customer. The priority of potential failure mode is defined by occurance , severity & detection of the failure mode  .

Control Charts :

Control charts are prepared for all the processes and displayed in the production area . All the major parameters which affect the quality of final product are checked in-process  and hourly readings for size , increase in diameter per pass are taken in addition to other tests prior to final inspection . These control charts form part of our ISO 9001 documentation and quarterly internal audits are conducted to ensure effectiveness of the system.

Process Audits:

All the processes are validated , standardized and documented . Regular process audits are done to achieve a stable  processes In  addition  to  this  our  unit  is  following  ISO 9001 quality  systems  and  has  been  awarded  ISO 9001:2015  certification  by  BVQI .