Submersible Winding Wires are used as winding wires in water filled Submesible Pumps and Openwell Submersible Pumps.

Winding Wires are used in rotating machines like motors , fans etc which convert electrical energy to mechanical energy by interaction between electric current and magnetic field induced in windings made by winding wires . The windings are inserted in the slots of iron core known as stator . The efficiency of rotating machine is dependant on quality of winding wires and stators .

This problem of hardness in wire is faced due to inadequate annealing of the bare copper wire . As per specifications the “Elongation” test is done to measure the hardness in wire . But sometimes the wire may feel hard & sticky inspite of passing in elongation test . Such problem is due to improper grain structure of the bare wire after annealing . We have validated our annealing process after conducting grain growth analysis of annealed wires hence our wires have good windability in automatic winding machines as well as manual windings .

Our major customers are original equipment manufacturers who have approved our product and are associated with us from a long time . They keep placing regular procurement schedules to us . As we know their running sizes , our production is planned in a way that material reaches them before the required delivery date . Our entire transportation is done by cargo services having capabilities to deliver material within 6 days to any part of India as we have locational advantage of being in central India .

The prices of our wires are based on cash settlement price of copper cathodes on London metal exchange and US dollar . We have an experience of 25+ years in this field and we have a highly experienced & skilled production team . Our commitment towards implementation of good manufacturing practices , reduction in wastages and multi skilling of production personnel has helped us to operate on optimum overheads which in turn makes our product affordable to our customers .

Our wires have been approved by some of the major original equipment manufacturers like SAIL , BHEL , Kirloskar group , Instrumentation Limited , Mangla group , Sharp group , Silver Engineering etc.